Alone On A Journey Physical Copy Pre-orders

Hi! Thank you for pre-ordering Alone On A Journey! I'm happy to announce that the zines are finally done and Kickstarter fulfillment is done as well, and I'm ready to start sending out the Itch pre-orders now. If you haven't filled out the address survey yet, please do so! If you've moved or have plans to move since filling it out before, I think the survey should be editable but if not please contact me at to let me know. Thanks so much!

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Hi, have the zines been sent?

Not yet, sorry about that. I wanted to get them out last month but ran into some financial/shipping issues, I'm hoping to have them out end of September/early November.

Hi! I was wondering if these have been sent yet - no worries if not, just want to make sure it didn't get lost. :)


Hi! I haven't sent them out yet, but should be within the next month! I'm tracking down a few more people who haven't filled out surveys yet, thanks for waiting!

Great, glad to know it hasn't gone missing!