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I just played this game for the first time, setting the mood with Dark Ambient music and a set of space-themed playing cards, and spent two hours exploring an underwater planet.

About an hour and a half in, I realized how thoroughly happy my mind was, playing this creative game that requires so little (none, if I had printed it out) digital screentime. I was truly in another world. Thank you for this experience, I'm definitely going to do it again.

Two things I did differently from rules as written. First, I used a random color picker as my "ship's scanner" to inspire the from-orbit view of the planet before touching down. This didn't end up affecting my narration much, but it added to the atmosphere.

Second, I wrote by hand and gave my responses in a narrative style. It ended up really helping me to get in the imaginative headspace, but it also took time which meant I only explored one planet in one sitting.

Again, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you.

I love that you included an mp3! Thank you


Ah, yes. The one that started it all. Thank you so much for giving inspiration to everybody, including myself.

Here is my hack, by the way.


Amazing introspective journaling game! Can't recommend enough.


Here's a twitter play-through, with five planets and an impromptu search-and-rescue theme!


Thank you for this wonderful game.  My unexpected journal can be found as a session report on RPGG:


Thank you for this gorgeous game. It was a lovely way to unwind after a busy day. A snippet from my explorations:

An obelisk floating in orbit about a dead, dense world like a Damocles satellite. Its shadow is like a heart-stab.


I really loved this and created a hack about haunted buildings.

hope you enjoy


The first time I played this game was incredibly intense and meditative. Even though the game itself is simple, the journey it takes you on can be so deep. For anyone who'd be interested in seeing my playthrough, I livetweeted the experience and my in-game journal entries here!


This beautiful game has opened my eyes to what a solo, journal-writing game can be. The inclusion of the rules in audio format also has me thinking about accessibility and alternate game formats. Thank you.


Thank you for this game! I've just had my first experience with it. The journal words flowed easily and into and unexpected thread. I'll definitely revisit this when looking for a quiet, creative time.


A great game. System is simple yet it fuels the imagination perfectly.

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My partner and I played this together during a hard day, and we found it a wonderful way to get lost in our imaginations and while away the time.  Even worlds that turned a bit scary were fun:

"I pushed through the marsh for what felt like hours in the black of night, my boots waterlogged, my legs sore. As my head began to nod with fatigue I found the resolve to push aside one more cluster of frost-ridden cattails only for a sheer cliff face to appear rather abruptly right in front of my nose. Black insects the size of small dogs swarmed along the exposed stone, chattering strangely, moonlight glinting off of their dark carapaces. I understand why the people here stay so close to home, in their warm buildings and colorful robes, for the wilderness beyond has sent a shiver up my spine."

Thank you for making this game! My only question - what does it mean when a joker is revealed? Has the planet played a strange trick on its visitor?


I’ve only played without jokers, although I’ve thought about an extra rule for them occasionally. Whatever’s most interesting to you makes sense I think


This game filled a void in my days and it keeps inspiring me. Simple, elegant and elevating. I wish to try more sets of this game and its hacks.


Passed a lovely evening playing this game. A wonderful way to wind down from a stressful week. A snippet from my honestly over-the-top ship's log:

"Planet Ijira 22: I saw them from atmo, leviathans the size of islands, cutting cleanly through the waves of this watery world. As I grew closer, one raised a  mountain-high fin, and surfaced enough to drawn me in with its storm-dark eye. Though my craft is ill-suited to water landings, I made the trip,  struggled down onto the surface where the waves buffeted me that I might meet their eye with my own. How strange and lovely to find kinship here, with creatures who only resemble me in our matching curiosity for each other."

I'll be travelling again soon, on another night when I need a break from our world. <3


thank you for sharing. I love leviathans of all kinds, and this was really touching!!


You can't beat a cozy space exploration game. Great stuff.


Wholesome, fun to do when you have some spare time.