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Hi! This is probably the biggest update Stewpot will get in a while. In case any of you missed it, in the last update I changed Smoke Breaks to just be Breaks to avoid that trigger for people, but there wasn't a huge announcement or anything. Just wanted to let you know because people were asking about it.

For this update, there are two new games, Market Day, and Homegrown. There are also mechanics changes to Festival Day and A Distinguished Guest, which were consistently confusing players. Hopefully the changes are easier to understand. There are also new prompts, some changed wording, and other general quality of life things.

Market Day has been done for a bit and was played during the Roll+Bond charity stream. It's about getting things you need for the tavern or for yourself, and it's less about purchasing with money and more about doing favors for community members and giving up things from your adventuring life. 

Homegrown is about setting up a garden or getting animals to provide ingredients for your kitchen. By playing it, you can increase your Cuisine rating by 1 after the next Wear and Tear with no chance of failure. You play by sharing embarrassing stories that happen to your character while you're getting all this set up. 

There will be no more games added after these last two. I'm going to focus in on writing more prompts for games that need them, other general revisions, and then I'll be sending the game off to an editor. Have fun with the new version!


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Jul 19, 2020
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Jul 19, 2020
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Jul 19, 2020

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