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A tabletop roleplaying game about exploring the many districts of a vast and ancient city. Uses a standard 52 card deck and a six-sided die. For 1+ players.

This game is a hack of Alone Among the Stars

If the price of this game is a hardship for you, even at the minimum price, please email me at okada.takuma2@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter @takuma_okada_ and I will get you a download key, no questions asked. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I stumbled onto an old playthrough of this while I was sorting through my files.

Inside was a place of playing card musicians, of canopy covered streets with solar lanterns, of teams of burly people carrying pots and plants and gardening tools, of an ice cream place under a bridge where you have to make up a secret code to get in, of an open air mushroom grill lit by a street lamp in the cool night air, of hollows to sleep in.

This game is like a blanket you knit for yourself as you play.


In Alone in the Ancient City, designer Takuma Okada translates the melancholy, No Man’s Sky-esque galaxy-wide wandering of Alone Among the Stars into a more humble joy, one of discovering a city on your own. Ancient City captures the feeling of traveling through a place with a history and weight belonging to others, but wholly unfamiliar to you. Okada eschews the oft-trod territory of metropolitan tourism and spectacle in the pursuit of a more intimate exploration. This game is Urban Pastel at its finest.


I had my first opportunity to play this today - what a beautiful little game!

I found that it gave me just enough direction to uncap my creative flow, and I filled several journal pages over the course of an hour of play.

Thoroughly recommended.