Stewpot v0.4 Release!!!

Hi! It's update season! In the wake of conversations around abolition of both police and prisons, I realized that the Guard wasn't a job that I wanted to keep around in Stewpot. I replaced it with Lookout, and while this may not be its final form, I'm much happier with the role that the Lookout plays in a community compared to the Guard. I've also tweaked a few other things. I had some other uncomfortable feelings around Priest, which has become Healer instead (I was playing around with other Job names like Counselor and Therapist).  Artisan has become Crafter, in order to be a little more general, and Orator has become Poet, which is more in line with my original vision of that Job. I also tweaked the layout in the character creation section a bit. I hope you enjoy the new jobs!


Stewpot v0.4 Singles.pdf 299 kB
Oct 27, 2020
Stewpot v0.4 Spreads.pdf 303 kB
Oct 27, 2020
Stewpot v0.4 Print B&W Spreads.pdf 357 kB
Oct 27, 2020

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Oh how fun! I opted for a Healer in my hack of Stewpot, too! I'm excited to check out the changes you've made!