Stewpot v0.5

Hi y'all! This is one huge update. Stewpot's now officially over 10,000 words long!

The most important part of this update is probably quality of life. The main rules have been completely reordered and I think they make much more sense now. I finally understood why everyone kept saying certain parts were a bit confusing. I've also explained Jobs, Experiences, and Memories in a little more length. 

Layout has also been improved and made more consistent throughout the PDF, including new table formats for Character Creation, mixing drinks in Glass of the Gods, Jobs and Experiences, and taking on challenges in Festival Day. 

Lastly, there's a bunch of new content. I've added prompts to the games that needed them including Homegrown, A Bard's Tale, Romancing a Stranger, Wear and Tear, Off the Clock, and In the Rhythm of Things. I probably forgot some I added too. There's also completely new options for Weapons, Armor, and Quirks in character creation, and Base Drinks, Syrups and Flavors, and Garnishes for mixing drinks.

Thanks for all your support so far, and I hope you enjoy the new version of the game!


stewpot v0.5 color.pdf 269 kB
May 02, 2022
stewpot v0.5 color spreads.pdf 286 kB
May 02, 2022
stewpot v0.5 b&w.pdf 269 kB
May 02, 2022
stewpot v0.5 b&w spreads.pdf 343 kB
May 02, 2022

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